Hit Piece Nft Scam

Hit Piece Nft Scam. Rcrdshp is the nft platform designed for electronic music fans and artists. 3.but according to many acts who found nfts associated with their work for sale on hitpiece, the company seemed to have done so without any permission or even notice.

HitPiece NFT Scam Is TERRIBLE To Music Artists (Scam News
HitPiece NFT Scam Is TERRIBLE To Music Artists (Scam News from coin4z.com

As of the time of this video dropping their twitter and their website are still up. But first, here’s what we know: “please don't buy any nfts you see of anything related to my music or my labels, on that hitpiece site or wherever.

The Recording Industry Association Of America (Riaa) Sent A Demand Letter Yesterday (Feb.

“any bleachers nfts are fake. Website illegally sells songs as nfts. 2.an nft site is being accused of selling digital collectibles of songs by musicians like britney spears and taylor swift — apparently without.

The Nfts You Will Find On This Stage Rely Upon Skilled Workers’ Hit Tunes, From Unquestionably Famous Rapper Drake To Minimal Australian Gatherings.

2.musicians have taken to twitter today to complain about hitpiece, a website that is ostensibly selling their music as nfts without permission. 2.artists are blasting an nft auction platform after their music. 2.artists hit back against hitpiece nft marketplace for exclusive songs on february 2, multiple artists took to twitter to label the business as a.

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Nft Scammer 'John Hit Piece' Is Selling Nft's Of All Musicians (Including Bts And Disney) From Spotifys Data.

[riaa condemns “scam site” hitpiece in savage legal missive] there have been a few stirrings from the people behind controversial nft startup hitpiece, reeling after the company took down their site with thousands upon thousands of unauthorized nft auction listings of music tracks. 4) to the attorney representing hitpiece.the riaa demands the site stop infringing on musicians’ intellectual property rights. 2.a new music nft marketplace called hitpiece went live yesterday, quickly igniting a social media firestorm.

2.The Hit Piece Nft Platform Is Absolutely A Scam And There’s No Need To Use Their Platform To Buy And Sell The Work Of Artists, Regardless Of The Way They Operate.

Hopefully there will be reprucations for this kind of gross activity. Posted on february 2, 2022 by james shotwell. Artists, whose work has been uploaded without their permission, are unsure what exactly is being sold and have been unable to get in contact with.

Musicians Around The World Took To Twitter On Tuesday.

They tried messing with the wrong community. 2.artists, labels battle ‘hitpiece music nfts’ sold without consent. However, the more attractive an nft system is to us, the more “delicious” it is.

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