The Quick Tour...

A CAF report consists of three major sections. Please download a report from the Samples menu for examination.


1. General Summary - This is the "home" page of the report. It gives the physical attributes of the amplifier, along with some

 common "one number" performance metrics. It contains links (blue text) to the other parts of the report.



2. The Voltage,Power I/O Matrix - Sorry about the long name, but this is exactly what it is. The I/O Matrix is the heart of the CAF. It presents the measured performance metrics for the amplifier. Results are given for burst, sine wave and noise signals into supported load impedances. You will never wonder "What can this amp put out?" again.



3. The Plots Section - Most amplifier specifications vary with frequency. This is not conveyed by "one number" ratings. The CAF includes a high resolution plot for the various amplifier specifications.